Bond Transaction Data

Bond transaction data provides the details of a bond trade. At the desk level it occurs on a ticket which will include the type of trade (buy, sell), the security description and identifiers such as a CUSIP or ISIN, the face amount, the price, the yield, the date, the time and the counterparties. Where an investor is a counterparty to the trade, it will specify the specific accounts or portfolios to which the trade is to be allocated.

There’s no centralized, consolidated source of bond transaction data. Various agencies, regulators, trading venues and private vendors collect and aggregate bond data and make it available to market participants. For instance, in the United States, all FINRA-regulated firms must report transactions in TRACE-eligible securities. The TRACE data made publicly available includes the time of execution, price, yield and volume data for eligible fixed income securities.

Sources of transaction data may include dealer run sheets, live and historical vendor feeds, internal historical records such s blotters, OTC settlement layer volume records, and voice and text transactions.