COBITM Sandbox - Corporate & Government Bond Intelligence


COBI (Corporate and Government Bond Intelligence) is a comprehensive suite of Overbond AI algorithms that are made available to Overbond clients through R&D Labs, Sandbox environment for rapid prototyping.

AI driven data aggregation of multi-source data inputs

The Overbond platform first sources raw live trading and fundamental data from a range of suppliers. These include Refinitiv, S&P Global Market Intelligence, ICE, EDI, Euroclear and FINRA TRACE, among others, as well as major credit agencies. It also collates company-level fundamental data, dealer quotations, internal client executed trade records and investor preferences through feedback.

Data cleansing and normalization layer

Rules based data cleansing and normalization layer is applied so multiple data feeds are mapped to the golden copy of the reference master. Clients can start driving meaningful AI modelling results without lengthy data sourcing and data structuring IT integration projects.

Custom AI model training on your own trading style

Traders can train and customize models on their internal data to find a competitive edge in the market. The COBI-Sandbox output can also be integrated into a data feed via an API, a desktop side-by-side integration with order-management-system (OMS), or viewed on the Overbond Platform as a downloadable table.